Dr Siamak Mardani

Entering the Exciting World of Dentistry

Dr Mardani holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. With his father and older brother both being doctors, he knew early on that he would enter the health field. After graduation in 2004, he has worked in different public and private clinics and held, until recently, a clinical teaching position at Latrobe University, working with fourth and fifth-year dental students. He has, also, actively participated in the different Australasian college of dental surgeons’ educational programs.

The field of dentistry is ever-changing, and Dr. Mardani looks forward to the challenges that each day brings. He utilizes the most advanced technology and stays up-to-date on the latest in dental care. Though some people may feel nervous going to the dentist, Dr. Mardani values the trust his patients place in him. He likes to see people smiling and satisfied after each visit.

Staying Informed for Superior Patient Care

Dr. Mardani is a member of the Australian Dental Society. He takes seminars regularly on topics such as dental implants, which Dr. Mardani feels is the future of dentistry.

When he is not in the practice, Dr. Mardani likes to cook, goes to the gym, plays tennis, and practices guitar. He enjoys art and going to museums and exhibitions. Knowledge is his passion in life, and he watches a lot of documentaries and cinema is his favourite art