Dr Huy Thien Do

Dr. Huy Thien Do graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He has extensive experience working across multiple clinics in metropolitan and regional Victoria and has relocated back from Geelong.

Huy Thien is a diligent practitioner with great attention to detail. He always ensures that his patients are comfortable and well looked after at the dental clinic. He has helped many people manage and overcome their dental anxieties due to his calm, caring nature and excellent communication skills.

Huy Thien is also passionate about providing high-quality dental care and frequently involves himself in continuous professional development, keeping up to date with the latest dental innovations and ever honing his clinical skills to provide the best results for his patients.

He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, with a particular special interest in root canal treatments and restorative dentistry.

In his spare time, Huy Thien enjoys traveling around Australia and overseas, and dining out with family and friends while also looking for the best matcha latte Melbourne has to offer!