Dr Beatrice Ho

Dr Beatrice Ho graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Prior to that, she obtained a Masters degrees in Biomedical Science from USA and another Masters of Science in Dental Materials Science from the University of Hong Kong. She loves that dentistry gives her the ability to be creative and hands-on in helping people feel better about their smiles, and ultimately themselves. A strong believer in preventative dentistry, she’s happy to take the time to educate patients on the ways they can improve their oral hygiene practices at home.Beatrice realises going to the dentist can be daunting for many, and prides herself on her ability to temper patients’ fears and anxieties by calmly chatting through the process with them.Beatrice is also a massive foodie, and amateur food blogger, so make sure you hit her up for tips on her favourite restaurants when you visit.